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Eryck K. Dzotsi: SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategist. International Crisis Manager


About Eryck Dzotsi

Though he considers himself, just another sinner saved by grace unto good works, dreaming of making a huge dent in the universe, Eryck Dzotsi is a Marketing expert specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. He develops and implements strategies for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Strategy is a scientific art, and this is his craft. Eryck Dzotsi is blessed with a keen ability to make organizations, corporations, and politicians outperform their competitors. His versatility has earned him the nickname of Marketing Renaissance Man. Ryan Shaughnessy, Associate Director of Marketing at Pearson, said that “Eryck can make even the most complex issues palatable for everyone from executives to administrative support.

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Praises and Testimonials

“Every job is a portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with EXCELLENCE.”

Abraham Lincoln


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