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The Remote Worker’s Guide to Excellence

Remote working is rising. According to a market research conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC), 35% of the global workforce will be mobile by 2013. This means that one third of the world’s workforce will have to be efficient and productive in the remote working environment.

Looking online, there are many guides created to help companies deal with remote employees, but there aren’t many resources developed for remote employees to manage themselves. Here is a guide made by veterans on working remotely. The book is a short read for you to build the foundations of success.

Publication Date: November 21, 2012


How to Manage Remote Workers

Remote workers who excel at their job do not subscribe to some of the guidelines that office-based employees do. Those principles that may work on the average worker may very well hinder the development of the best performing remote workers. You don’t need to tell telecommuters the responsibility that comes with the privilege of working from home or elsewhere without being confined to a cube or office walls.

Workers who are not in the office are dealing with the same issues that their counterparts in the office are, with the added pressure of being by themselves without the social support and the accountability of the tribe. This book applies primarily to managers who lead people who work from home, but the guiding principles apply to team members who work in a different office, on client locations or in other countries.

Publication Date: December 21, 2014

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“Excellence can be attained if you care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible” – Author Unknown


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